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Wilbraham & 手机快三app的学生和教师群体是丰富的多样性, innovation, and original thoughts and ideas. 还有什么地方比手机快三app的“泰坦博客”更适合与世界分享这些呢."

Expect to hear from everyone from our Head of School Brian P. easl 送给手机快三app最聪明的年轻巨人之一,来自塞尔维亚的寄宿学生. Stay tuned to read about what makes our Advisor program so special and why 橄榄球 is woven into the values of the Academy. 手机快三app打算在手机快三app的“泰坦博客”中分享一些让这个地方如此特别的东西."

The possibilities - and topics - are endless.

Video Chat Etiquette Tips


通过屏幕来准备寄宿学校的面试可能会让人感到意想不到,甚至不自然——但下面为学生们提供一些视频聊天的建议, you will be ready to leave a lasting impression over Zoom. With the exception of demonstrating a strong handshake, 你会发现,无论面对面还是虚拟会面,你都可以展示很多相同的技能. 

Ready to impress? Try bringing these five tips to your next video interview. 

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Tips for Staying 健康y at Boarding School


寄宿学校最大的好处之一是培养学生的独立性和自律性. Away from the daily guidance of their parents, 许多学生在学业和个人生活上都很快成熟起来. 然而, boarding school also comes with its own challenges, 包括培养健康的习惯,让学生们能一直保持到成年. As a top private school in the Northeast, Wilbraham & 手机快三app在这里分享手机快三app在寄宿学校和其他学校保持健康的最佳建议!

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girl doing summer school work


对于大多数孩子来说,完成暑期学校作业并不是他们的第一选择. 他们宁愿在假期里享受阳光,和朋友们在一起——谁又能责怪他们呢? That said, summer schoolwork 是否可以在下一学年之前对学生进行要求. It's essential to make sure children are always motivated. Otherwise, they may not advance as they should.

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