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女士俱乐部 & 活动

'We love it here!'

A Variety of Unique Opportunities

学生 at 手机快三app 中学 have ample opportunities to discover what they love and develop a passion for more than just academic pursuits. Some of our distinctive offers include:

  • Afternoon programs including 体育,机器人, 戏剧
  • Diverse weekend activities for both boarding and day students
  • Clubs for a range of different interests
  • Leadership opportunities
  • 顾问项目 with 教师
  • And so much more

Which club(s) will you join?

加入先生. G as he explores the reaches of the visible universe ... 及以后! Learn about constellations, the solar system and how to use and maintain a telescope ... and maybe even try your hand at stargazing!

很多歌曲, so little time - join a chorus of Middle and Upper School students who have a passion for singing and a desire to learn and perform amazing music.  什么? You want to perform? OK!  You will also perform songs for the school! 你觉得怎么样?

Debate/Great Issues
Curious about big questions or think you have big answers to match? Want to learn more about how to create a thoughtful and persuasive argument? Like to just get in there and sling ideas around while absorbing the great ideas of others? 看看 ...

Entrepreneurial Venture
Join other entrepreneurs (creative thinkers who like the idea of launching their ideas into the world) as they attempt to create a small business from scratch ... or build upon the business plan of Honor Roll, a mobile food cart idea just waiting for the right crew to make it a reality!

Join our JROH (Ms. Rohan) for an hour of hilarity and knitting. 不需要的技能! Just come in, gather your tools and get to work ... who knows where the conversations will go? But with JROH at the helm, it's safest to just strap in, hang on and have fun! 

Imagine watching selected movies followed by engaging conversations, fun comparisons and even some analysis. Popcorn included. 是的 ...  (almost) too good to be true.

So many students are looking for a place to simply work on their art and explore new ideas. In 开放的艺术工作室 each student determines what they want to work on and, with Mr. Lee-Davis, explore new techniques or simply wrestle with super interesting art topics.

Sometimes you just want to crank up the amp and blow your hair back. Mr. Seibold will show you how, as he brings decades of rock 'n' roll experience to our MS Club scene. Don't know how to play an instrument? 没有问题! There's always room for more cowbell (or bass or guitar or drums or vocals)!

Mr. 非洲酪脂树, a three-sport varsity coach and our resident sport guru, has put on his magician's hat and created the ultimate outlet for 体育 nuts. Does one need to know any more? 

Have a short story inside you just waiting to come out? Have you written one and want to get it published? Wondering how to turn an idea into a reality? Are you simply looking for a word-tastic adventure and not sure where to go? Ms. Cavanaugh is here to guide and inspire you in her most amazing and thoughtful way!

Every year deserves to be celebrate. Join a crew of MS students as they attempt to capture all the fun, friendship and hard work that goes into being a MS Titan! From photography to layout to fun additions, yearbook is a great opportunity to live on in bookshelves and on coffee tables for decades to come!

体育运动 & Afternoon Programs

中学 Offerings

Model United Nations

Upper School offerings available to MS students

中学 students are eligible to try out for Upper School junior varsity or varsity 体育 that are not offered at the 中学. Participation by a 中学 student in an Upper School sport requires both parental permission and approval of the 中学 administration. The student and parent will have to sign a contract agreeing to abide by the Upper School attendance policy.






Track & 场


All-MS weeklong trip
Grade 8 Moving Up Program
春天音乐会 & 艺术展
Weekend 活动