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晚上 & 周末

学生 cheering at a basketball game


Weekend 活动

Wilbraham & Monson offers a variety of weekend activities for the enjoyment of its students.

School Nights

Evening study takes place throughout campus Sunday through Thursday from 8 - 10 p.m. During this regularly scheduled time, students are encouraged to study in environments conducive to learning and find that the habit of regular study is an avenue to academic success.

During evening study, boarders are able to take advantage of valuable on-campus resources such as:

宵禁 & Bedtime Hours

宵禁 is referred to as “check in." The time students must be in their dorm differs according to grade level. Bedtime is referred to as “lights out." As with check in, the time students must be in bed with their lights turned off differs according to grade.

If a student needs more time to finish a paper or some reading, he or she may ask permission to have “late lights." When granted permission, the student is allowed (on a limited basis) to stay up and finish work. It is important that this privilege be used only when necessary.