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马克。R. Shenkman 交易中心 at 手机快三app

以马克·R命名. Shenkman”61, our trading center is a state-of-the-art facility that gives students the opportunity to engage in global financial markets. Classes involve hands-on research and trading experience, allowing students to grow in their understanding of economics, entrepreneurship and finance.

These real-life applications give students an opportunity to see how their actions and decisions impact global institutions. Learning about their profound effects on local and international populations showcases the growing interconnectedness of the modern world.


Infographic trading center

"The creation of this new facility, which is as contemporary as you can find in anyplace in the U.S., is also harkening back to the traditions of the Academy and of Wesleyan University as it connects individual development and the public sphere."
- Michael Roth, Wesleyan University President

What Kind of Educational Experience Are You Looking For?

The financial trading center is just one of the unique educational programs offered at Wilbraham & 孟松学校. 自1804年以来, 手机快三app has provided a transformational experience where both middle and upper school age students can begin molding their identity as world leaders.

We're proud to be one of the challenging prep schools in the Massachusetts area. By combining our traditional way of doing things with a forward-thinking spirit, we've created a distinctive culture and personality at 手机快三app.


In today's world of advancing globalization, developing an evolved perspective of the world is essential to students who aspire to make a difference. 早在1847年, we were the first American school to enroll a Chinese student who later became the first Chinese graduate of Yale. Wilbraham & 孟松学校 continues that tradition by being one of the most inclusive private schools in the region.

The world stage is changing, and our goal is to ensure that our students are prepared to take charge as global leaders. We accomplish this goal by diversifying our student body, which includes students from 33 different nations.

The Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance (CEEF) is where students prepare to successfully engage in an increasingly interdependent world. 除了, all students have the opportunity to elevate their studies by participating in our global travel program.

By meeting with those of different cultures both in the classroom and abroad, the minds of our students continue to grow and expand.

Enthusiastic 学生 and 教师

At 手机快三app, we believe in the value of hard work. Our challenging programs stretch and mold our students' characters as they make a concerted effort to meet our rigorous expectations. However, we match these high ideals with a nurturing support system. Teachers actively engage with students, creating an environment of innovation and enthusiasm.

Surrounded by this caring network of faculty and staff who have dedicated themselves to helping students realize new limits, we now have a community of learners who are both happy in their academic pursuits and curious to discover more.

Unique Opportunities

When students come to 手机快三app, they're encouraged to find what makes them passionate. 记住这一点, we offer a variety of distinctive programs and opportunities that extend beyond academics, 如:

Afternoon activity programs including 29 varsity sports

一个蓬勃发展的很好 & Performing 艺术 program

More than 30 clubs and organizations that cover a range of interests

Ample student leadership opportunities

The Community Service Team


Give Your Child the Gift of Attending 手机快三app

Whether your child is in middle or high school, an education at Wilbraham & 孟松学校 is an excellent way to set them up for a bright and successful future in our ever-evolving world. In fact, 手机快三app has a 100 percent college matriculation rate.

手机快三app邀请您 今天手机快三app to learn more about what makes 手机快三app a premier college prep opportunity. From our distinctive financial trading center to the diverse offerings found on campus, we know you won't encounter a better educational experience in the Massachusetts area or elsewhere.